D.O.B. 5 August 2009

Head Size: 24 inches 

Weight: 110 lbs 

Reg: U.K.C. 

Color: Blue fawn

Lines: I.C.K.

Dad: Stalefish from I.C.K.

Mom: Buttercup from I.C.K.

Stud Fee: $4000


This is our boy Smokey! He is a true gentle giant xl pitbully who loves nothing more than a hard workout followed by a lot of couch cuddle time! He is everything anyone could want and hope for in an xxl pitbully! His breedings have all been a phenomenal success! Some of the biggest correct xxl bully pitbullys I have ever made! We were blessed with entire litters of large & in charge super star pitbulls! Just wait until you meet “Gangster” (Smokey x Money)! He is going to take us to the next level and beyond!

Now that he has proven himself as a top notch producer…we are going to offer him up to the public for stud!!! Thats right…we are letting him out for a few select breedings to help advance his name as a World Class Pitbull Stud!!! If you think you have a female pitbull that will match up nicely… If you want to add some serious clean & correct size to your program… Here is your chance! Stud fee: $$4000 Firm… Do not call trying to low ball us… Its not 3000…Its not 3999…Its 4000 Firm or a trade of equal value. Send us a picture of your female and any history you have on her in terms of temperament, pedigree, and productions… We are not putting him up for stud just to earn money or to flood the market with his productions… We are doing it to ensure his legacy starts early and lasts forever!!! That means we don’t care if you come with 10000… if your female pitbull isn’t a beauty then don’t even bother!

Smokey September 26, 2015