If you want cream of the crop…creme de la creme…excellent…superb…classical…magnificent…and flawless bully pitbull style pup, then you are at the right address. We will find the right family member, foundation dog, or Grand Champion for you. Check out our breeding’s and available puppies page’s for what we have in store for 2020!

Smokey x Hypnotic x Bisby

Click here to see the Smokey x Hypnotique x Bisby breeding information

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Here at World’s Finest Pitbull’s we strive to deliver unique xl bully pitbull puppies & pedigrees to those who demand the best. Providing genetically sound xl bully pitbull puppies that possess A+ temperaments, that trade mark pitbull drive, massive heads, extreme muscle mass, and thick bone structures….the likes of which you have never seen!!! No sloppy skin in our yard, our dogs are tight, fit and ready to put in the work like true bullies should be! Our lines include Iron Cross, Grayline, Watchdog, Razors Edge, Able Paw, Westbrook, Gaff, Hammond, Ruffian, BGK and much much more…

Remaining true to the ideology that has allowed World’s Finest Pitbull’s to both rise & thrive here in America and in Europe….World’s Finest Pitbull’s pledges to provide you with the absolute best xl bully pitbull puppies & pedigrees that are available in the world today. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and trust me when I say…there is no greater satisfaction than walking your baby dinosaur down the street!

So, if you don’t like having all eyes on you…if you don’t like the idea of complete strangers begging to pet your dog and hollering out compliments as walk your dog down the street…then these are, for sure, not the dogs for you!  These pups are the definition of attention grabbers. They are the definition of pride in ownership. They are the biggest & baddest pitbullyz in the Galaxy! Thanks once again for taking time to look over the site.

Some of WFP’s Legacy

WFP'S CHICA and WFP'S SPIKE (Smokey x Money)

WFP's Spike (Smokey x Money)

ABKC CH. WFP's CANNON (Cyrus x Foxy)

WFP'S CYRUS and WFP'S FOXY BROWN (Smokey x Money)

WFP'S MISTY (Smokey x Money) and WFP'S HOPSIN (Rocky x Misty)

WFP'S Deuca (Smokey x Money) and Trevino's Hemi

ICK Smokey & Money

Worlds Finest Pitbullyz is pleased to announce that we offer discounts to all first responders, active service military members and veterans. As a thank you for all that you do to make our lives possible, we would love the honor to show you our appreciation.

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