Born: Feb. 16, 2012

Head Size: 21 inches

Height: 21 1/2 inches

Weight: 80 lbs

Reg: UKC and ADBA

Color: Tan

Lines: Iron Cross Kennel, Watchdog, Ruffian, and Greyline

OFA Certification: Hips, elbow, cardiac, patella, and thyroid

Deuca is the epitome of a true Xl pitbull with the pedigree to back it up. ICK’s Disciple, Iron Tyson, Royal Blood Line King Lion, Stalefish, Iron maiden, Giant Q-ball, Escalade, Notorious Juan Gotti She has drive, drive and more drive… not to mention build, temperament and athleticism that goes on for miles. Pups off this girl have been some of the most beautiful colors we have ever seen!!!  Champagnes, Lilacs, Blues and Fawns that are sure to make everyone take a second look!! Her pups had some serious chests and heads at just a year old that we can definitely say came from their “o so bully” mama. And we cant forget to mention that Deuca talks….she can carry on a whole conversation with you and her babies are no different.  So if you like having a pitbull with an opinion and something to say then look no further…this girls pups are certainly for you.

Deuca October 1, 2015