Hopsin x Hypnotique

Planned for Spring 2022

We are so excited for this breeding! We are combining the super clean athletic look of ICK blood to the thick girthy mass look of dogs like Juggernaut and Kimbo, Terrorist Threat and much much more. We expect these puppies to grow up to be super clean athletic dog that have super size. The best of both worlds! These dogs can be anything from just a house pet for the family to a service dog to even protection work to show dogs.

Hopsin is built like a TANK! His pedigree is no joke! This is the real deal stud that will throw huge, clean, correct and great tempered xxl bully pitbulls!!

Hopsin’s pedigree is filled with some of the most famous and biggest xxl pitbulls in the world! Pitbull names like: ‘PR’ Iron Cross Smokey, Money, Iron Cross Stalefish, Iron Cross Buttercup, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Escalade 5150, Iron Cross Giant Iron Maiden, Guerra’s King Bishop 007, ‘PR’ Guerra’s Bluejean Miss 60,Iron Cross Iron Giant Disciple, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Goddess Athena, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Tyson, Steelhead’s Giant Q- Ball, Royal Blood Line King Lion, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Bishop 5150, Bully Blue Giant’s Notorious BIG, ‘PR’ Top Dog Gangs Addikition, ’PR’ Xoticlines Terrorist Threat, BULLY BLUE GIANT’S DEJA, ‘PR’ DELA CRUZ’ DUNGEON 5150, ‘PR’ BIG ZENA, ‘PR’ DIEHARD STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON,’PR’ BLUEFIRE’S KALI, 909 PIT’S HUMMER, DIESEL 2, 2x KAMODO DRAGON, 4x RBG KING LION and many more. All these dogs you can be found with just a quick google search and see for yourself that this bad boy is FIRE!

Hypnotique is nothing short of massive. This girl is certain to not disappoint.  She has some of the heaviest dogs in her pedigree, so size will certainly be what this girl brings to the table.  Names like XLBU Dexter, The Unstoppable Juggernaut, UKC’s Most Wanted Kimbo, Bully Boy’s Low-Low, Big Zena, Triple Cross Sinister, Ecker’s Sadie, Aronald the Terminator, and so much more… this girl will make your jaw drop with how amazing her pedigree is!  Lots of plans for Hypnotique in the upcoming 2019 breeding season, so keep your eyes open for what we have in store.  This girl is going to produce some of the cleanest, prettiest, biggest xxl bully pitbulls the world has ever seen.

Anybody that is in the xxl Bully pitbull world will know each and everyone of these bad ass bullies and pitbulls that I mentioned! They will acknowledge that this pedigree is the recipe for a huge, correct and awesome tempered xxl bully pitbull!

Keep your eye on this xxl litter coming this summer!

Hopsin x Hypnotique January 25, 2020