Born: Nov 7, 2017

Height: 20 inches

Weight: 110 lbs


Color: Blue

Sire: XLBU Dexter

Dam: Bobylon Potts Zada

This girl is certain to not disappoint.  She has some of the heaviest dogs in her pedigree, so size will certainly be what this girl brings to the table.  Names like XLBU Dexter, The Unstoppable Juggernaut, UKC’s Most Wanted Kimbo, Bully Boy’s Low-Low, Big Zena, Triple Cross Sinister, Ecker’s Sadie, Aronald the Terminator, and so much more… this girl will make your jaw drop with how amazing her pedigree is!  Lots of plans for Hypnotique in the upcoming 2019 breeding season, so keep your eyes open for what we have in store.  This girl is going to produce some of the cleanest, prettiest, biggest xxl bully pitbulls the world has ever seen… oh and did I mention she will start off her first litter with the one and only Iron Cross’ Smokey, first pick son off Iron Cross’ Stalefish and Iron Cross’ Buttercup?!?!?!  When you see that breeding posted don’t miss your chance, because those pups are set to sell out before they are even born!

Hypnotique March 25, 2018