Here at World’s Finest Pitbull’s we have lots of plans for the upcoming breeding season.  We like to plan ahead so people can become prepared for the future and look forward, plan, and save for their new puppy.  Puppies are an investment, and we want future owners to be as best prepared as we can make them.  Deposits on these litters can be put in at anytime, and we always suggest checking back to make sure that the litter your interested in hasn’t sold out already.  Each year we try to split between two XL bully style pitbull breeding’s, and two smaller sized bully breeding’s for those people wanting QUALITY, but not so much interested in the SIZE factor!  All of our matchup’s are between quality breeding stock, with AMAZING temperaments, fantastic builds, show stopping looks, and enough WOW factors to keep customers returning time and time again.  We love nothing more than to have our puppies, our babies, matched with the bast families possible.

WFP's Hopsin x BP's Hypnotique

WSB's Ghost x WFP's Aurora

Breedings September 26, 2015