D.O.B. May 3, 2017

Head Size: 

Weight: 75 lbs

Reg: U.K.C. 

Color: Champagne

Lines: Razors Edge, Gottyline

Sire: Hemi (Worlds Finest Pitbulls)

Dam: Veda (King Phoenix Kennels)

What do you get when you take the Sazzel out of Sazzelicious? You get a non sazzelistic dog. What does that mean you might ask…well I’ll explain… Look at the pictures of this girl! That is Sazzelicious!!! Otherwise it’s just…icious. That makes no sense! Do you see those ears? Well we prefer to call them satellites! So for all you Ancient Alien people out there (I am one of you lol)….as soon as Sazzelicious warms up to you, she will let you communicate with Orion’s Belt!!!! I would love to talk to the Anunnaki. Only a fool would want to miss out on that! If you ask me, she get’s her muscle tone from a different galaxy, because her muscles are out of this world! Her muscles are so poppin’ that I would stack her with any pocket male….and I mean ANY male!!! All joking aside this girl is a mini TANK. More muscle tone than her mom and dad combined. With a pedigree full of proven champions!

And did I forget to mention that she talks…She will have a whole conversations with you. This girl is the Bugatti of the pocket bully world, and we are very excited to announce her debut breeding to Grand Champion KPK’s Stackman Jones, aka Pacman, half brother to her mom Veda, and a tri carrier!  So keep your eye’s open for the end of 2018, when those little nuggets take the stage.  Show quality babies will be on the way!

Sazzelicious has both the build of her daddy, Hemi the Tank, and the beauty of her mama, Veda.  This is the girl where ABKC Champion Gray Ghost and Razor’s Edge Bullseye’s Most Wanted met!  This little girl has Gottiline’s Dax to thank for her size, and Blue Gremlin to thank for her ability.  She is a working pocket bully…no slop, no fat, no saggy skin.  This girl is here to show the world what pocket pitbull’s are really suppose to look like. She has the pitbull face, the pitbull attitude, the pitbull drive and the bully build.  ALL the best features in ONE tiny dog!

Sasselicious February 29, 2016