Born: Aug 25, 2018

Reg: UKC

Color: Champagne and white

Weight: 100+ lbs

Height:  23 inches

Head: 20 1/2 inches

Sire: WFP’s Hopsin

Dam: WFP’s Deuca

Aurora has one of the best temperments of any dog I’ve ever had the privilege of owning! She can alternate from watchdog to family dog at a simple command.  Just look into those ice blue eyes and know how serious she can be. She is certainly on a dainty dog…but she sure is clean and correct. She is a classy girl for sure!  There is nothing sloppy about Aurora and I dare any one to say otherwise. Her pedigree is packed with some amazing dogs!!  Some of the most famous and biggest xxl pitbulls in the world! Pitbull names like: ‘PR’ Iron Cross Smokey, Money, Iron Cross Stalefish, Iron Cross Buttercup, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Escalade 5150, Iron Cross Giant Iron Maiden, Guerra’s King Bishop 007, ‘PR’ Guerra’s Bluejean Miss 60,Iron Cross Iron Giant Disciple, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Goddess Athena, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Tyson, Steelhead’s Giant Q- Ball, Royal Blood Line King Lion, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Bishop 5150BULLY BLUE GIANT’S NOTORIOUS B.I.G., ‘PR’ TOP DOG GANG’S ADDIKTION,’PR’ XOTICLINE’S TERRORIST THREAT, BULLY BLUE GIANT’S DEJA, ‘PR’ DELA CRUZ’ DUNGEON 5150, ‘PR’ BIG ZENA, ‘PR’ DIEHARD STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON,’PR’ BLUEFIRE’S KALI, 909 PIT’S HUMMER, DIESEL 2, 2x KAMODO DRAGON, 4x RBG KING LION and many more! She certainly has some growing left to do so I can only imagine what she will look like in a year. This girl is for sure show quality material.

Follow the link to see Aurora’s pedigree

Aurora October 1, 2015