D.O.B: Feb 25 2015

Head Size: 23 inch

Weight: 100 lbs

Reg: U.C.K.

Color: Blue

Sire: HOS Rocky

Dam: WFP’s Misty

Lines: ICK, Butthead, RBG, Dela Cruz

WFP’s Indy is the production between Heart of Steel Rocky and WFP’s Misty, and that litter certainly didn’t disappoint.  This girl has the best of both world’s…she has the size from her daddy, with big names like  Terrorist Threat, Straight out of Compton, Iron Cross Azul, Top Gang’s Addiktion, Jarhead’s Hummer, Top Gang’s Chulo, King Lion, Kamodo Dragon…and the list goes on.  On her mama’s side she gets all the looks.  Iron Cross dominates the pedigree, and Indy’s bottom line is Iron Cross Stalefish, Iron Maiden, Iron Cross Disciple, Iron Tyson, Dela Cruz Escalade, Iron Cross Smokey, Giant Q-ball, Iron Cross Hollywood I am, and much much more.  With a pedigree like that it’s hard to not imagine what this girl can produce.  So many of those heavy hitters are FAMOUS in the bully xl pitbull world, and Indy is guaranteed to do them justice.  We have big plans for her in 2018-2019 and expect some drop dead gorgeous, big and perfect pups to come her way.   If your waiting for your next MONSTER pup, with an AMAZING build, and PERFECT skin tone, then keep your eyes open for this beauty.


Indie February 18, 2016
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