Born: Jan 27, 2016

Weight: 80 lbs

Head: still growing

Height: 19 inches

Dam: WFP’s Deuca

Sire: Hemi aka Blue Gremlin

Reg: UKC

Style: Classic or Standard

Color: Lilac


The one and only Falkor, from the epic breeding between Hemi and Deuca, which produced some of the cleanest and best looking dogs on the market.  Falkor has the muscle of his dad, and the size of his mom, and the color of them both.  He is a true Lilac, beautiful silver and gray tones, give this boy a for sure show stopping look!!!  He has the loving personality of a great companion, the drive of an athlete and the confirmation, bone and structure of a true champion in the ring.  We expect a lot from this boy.  There’s so much more room to grow with him.  At just over a year old he is about an inch taller than his dad and filling out beautifully.  He would make for an AMAZING standard or classic bully breeding.

Falkor May 7, 2017
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