Cyrus x Shady Breeding 2021

I really don’t think I need to share the EPICNESS of this litter

Cyrus has an A+ temperament and is built like a TANK! His pedigree is no joke! This is the real deal stud that throws huge, clean, correct and great tempered dogs!! His last litter already proved that fact to the world! Cyrus is 110 lbs of pure muscle. No fat at all on this bad boy. He has won first place at weight pulls. Just destroying the competition! He has one of the most laid back personalities of any bully I have ever had the privileged to own, but he still has the powerful drive of a monster truck! His pedigree is one of the best out there today! Names that everybody in the xxl pitbull world all know and respect!! This boys pedigree is the epitome of a true Xl bully with with names like ICK’s Disciple, Iron Tyson, Royal Blood Line King Lion, ICK Stalefish, Iron Maiden, Giant Q-ball, Escalade, Notorious Juan Gotti.  Did I mention that he is also the sire of the one and only ABKC XL Champion WFP’s Cannon of 2nd Amendment Bullies, an ABKC show stopping stud dominating the southern circuit.

The one and only Shady aka Gucci Shadow from the epic breeding between WFP’s Hopsin and Gucci, which produced some of the cleanest and best looking dogs on the market.  Shady has the muscle and size of her dad, and the clean lines of her mom.  She is a true SHEMALE black beauty with a show stopping look!!!  She has the loving personality of a great companion, the drive of an athlete and the confirmation, bone and structure of a true champion in the ring.  We expect a lot from this beauty.  There’s so much more room to grow with this girl.  At just over a year old she is by far exceeded our expectations in a production.  She is certainly filling out beautifully.  Did I also mention that she is Bisby’s sister and has some of the heaviest dogs in his pedigree, so size will certainly be what this girl brings to the table.  Her pedigree is filled with some of the most famous and biggest xxl pitbulls in the world! Pitbull names like: ‘PR’ Iron Cross Smokey, Money, Iron Cross Stalefish, Iron Cross Buttercup, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Escalade 5150, Iron Cross Giant Iron Maiden, Guerra’s King Bishop 007, ‘PR’ Guerra’s Bluejean Miss 60,Iron Cross Iron Giant Disciple, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Goddess Athena, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Tyson, Steelhead’s Giant Q- Ball, Royal Blood Line King Lion, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Bishop 5150BULLY BLUE GIANT’S NOTORIOUS B.I.G., ‘PR’ TOP DOG GANG’S ADDIKTION,’PR’ XOTICLINE’S TERRORIST THREAT, BULLY BLUE GIANT’S DEJA, ‘PR’ DELA CRUZ’ DUNGEON 5150, ‘PR’ BIG ZENA, ‘PR’ DIEHARD STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON,’PR’ BLUEFIRE’S KALI, 909 PIT’S HUMMER, DIESEL 2, 2x KAMODO DRAGON, 4x RBG KING LION and many more. All these dogs you can find on Bullypedia and Pitpedia to see for yourself that this bad girl is FIRE!

Combined these two are gonna through some of the most correct and clean XL’s in the show ring today.  NO more Slop, No more Saggy Skin…just clean correct and functional dogs looking to show, work or just be lazy with the family like every bully dog should do. If you sleep on this litter you will be sorry! I PROMISE

Click here to see more pictures of Cyrus

Click here to see more pictures of Shady

Cyrus x Shady Breeding 2021 June 4, 2018
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