Bear x Infinity Bully Pups

Pups Due Sept

This will be an epic combination

Stalefish and Disciple combine forces with BGK Tank and Juggernaut !

If it’s even possible we are putting the BGK height, with the Juggernaut girth on an ICK suit.  This will be a breeding for the record books!!!

Infinity is one of only a few dogs out there still holding to the original ICK signature look, so you can’t get much closer to the Iron Cross dogs than this.

Many kennels claim to be using the old blood created by Roman, but they all have the watered down version of what originally came from Cali.

We have the REAL DEAL!  Both Misty, Infinity’s mom and Smokey, Infinity’s grandsire have thrown so many nice looking dogs over the years, and so many

kennels have made their start off these genes.

Oh and did we mention that Infinity also comes from the same lines that produced the Legendary DDK The Hulk…you know the “Biggest Pitbull in America”.

So you know we are expecting something of the very same caliber from this girl.

Incorporation of this line into your kennel will certainly take you to the next level!

This will be Bear’s first litter so we are expecting a lot from him…we want that mass just with some clean clean lines attached.  Bear comes from some of the

biggest and baddest dogs in the game, the Unstoppable Juggernaut and XLBU Dexter.  And did we mention that he is just over a year old, so there is so

much more growing and filling out for this boy to do.

So if your looking for BIG, ATHLETIC, and CORRECT…look no further.

If your looking for a versatile dog that can compete, show and veg on the couch with the family…we got you!

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to reserve your pick

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Bear x Infinity Bully Pups April 27, 2021
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