Bear x Citadella breeding

Pups due December 27 2021

We are so excited for this breeding! We are combining the super clean athletic look of ICK blood to the thick girthy mass look of dogs like Juggernaut and the Rock and Dark Dynasty Kennels blood. We expect these puppies to grow up to be super clean athletic dog that have super size. The best of both looks! These dogs can be anything from just a house pet for the family to a service dog to even protection work to show dogs.

The one and only Bear, from the epic breeding between Cutlass and Gucci, which produced some of the cleanest and best looking dogs on the market.  Bear has the muscle and size of his dad, and the clean lines of his mom.  He is a true black beauty with a show stopping look!!!  He has the loving personality of a great companion, the drive of an athlete and the confirmation, bone and structure of a true champion in the ring.  We expect a lot from this boy.  There’s so much more room to grow with him.  At just over a year old he is by far exceeded our expectations in a production.  He is certainly filling out beautifully.  Did I also mention that Bear has some of the heaviest dogs in his pedigree, so size will certainly be what this boy brings to the table.  Names like XLBU Dexter, The Unstoppable Juggernaut, UKC’s Most Wanted Kimbo, Bully Boy’s Low-Low, Big Zena, Triple Cross Sinister, Ecker’s Sadie, Aronald the Terminator, and so much more…


Citadella AKA Cyill is the daughter of two AMAZING parents, Gangster and Gucci, who have produced some monster size males and females in the past. So it should come as no surprise that there are HUGE expectations for this big girl.  She has the matching color and look to her great grandpa, ICK Stalefish!  That’s right this girl has all the legends in one amazing pedigree.  She has the whole Iron Cross line up which is the go to line for BIG and Athletic dogs, and she has all the show stopping quality of that the Ablepaw line can offer.  Keep your eye on this girl for the future of  WFP productions

Bears pedigree



Citadellas pedigree


Bear x Citadella breeding January 25, 2020
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