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I am Hopsin’s third and final home. I absolutely love him! I needed someone to take care of, turns out he helps me! I recommend WFP to anyone looking for a pet, they are better than quality breeders. They love their dogs and I’ve never seen a better business! Amazing, Outstanding, and HUGE hearts! ***********

Cindy Lynn March 7, 2016

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We just picked up our baby Willow (Mira) last night. Incredible experience for me and my family to get to meet the guys at WFP. Got to meet all the Pits and spend as much time as we needed for Willow to choose us. Will definitely be back for our next baby!!

Paul Coffman March 7, 2016

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I luv my puppy Hercules that I got from WFP. This puppy is beautiful and has a temperament like a giant marshmallow. This dog means so much to me, my son and my wife he is not only are best friend he is our protector and a member of the family. Chris is a awesome breeder, he will answer any questions that you have about ur dog or any of ur dogs even dogs that he didn’t sell you. Had no problems at all getting my pup I put the deposit down and payed off the pup in about 3 weeks. He had the pup on a plane to my house the next day after my final payment. Chris I can not thank you enough for letting us buy one of ur beautiful pups and answer all my questions even tho I kno I can be a pain in the ass sometimes with all my questions. You will not be let down by WORLD’S FINEST PITBULLS

Ray Anthony March 7, 2016

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Our amazing Cannon has just turned a year and without a doubt the most beautiful dog we’ve ever owned! Cannon is completely healthy and correct body/mind, and turns heads where ever he goes. His kindness and size has people scratching their heads! Chris was professional, straight forward, and his vision for his dogs is obvious. We got what he said we would get, an amazing addition to our family who is one of a kind.

Ashley & Mike Bertin March 7, 2016

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We love our 11 month old!!!!

Jessica & Aaron Jones March 7, 2016

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FABULASS. We love our pit we purchased in 2014. Currently planning to get another one from them as well. Smart dogs great temperament awesome everything.

Julie Rice March 7, 2016

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It’s not just a dog kennel it’s a family forever !!!!!!!!

Rico & Kayla Gutierrez March 7, 2016

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I just got TITUS and by far one of the most well tempered pups I’ve ever owned. His color is beautiful and wow is he a big boy at 8 weeks. Thanks a lot and I will strongly advise anyone looking for an awesome addition to there family to get one of WORLDS FINEST PITBULLS pups. Thanks alot, Jason and Anita.

Jason & Anita Birdsong March 7, 2016

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Awesome dogs!!! Nice guy!
Very business orientated!

Tiffany Smith March 7, 2016

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Great guy, and even better dogs. I will be getting another

Jeff Winkleman March 7, 2016

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Yea Buddy …Chris has a wonderful passion for his dogs. He’s a excellent breeder and takes pride in his dogs. My boy Courage is off Smokey x Money From WFP

Robert Mahbeer March 7, 2016

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I bought Cy and Deuca off Chris in 2012 and they were the best dogs I have ever owned. Very good to my kids and friendly with everyone they meet. They have grown up to be giants and I couldn’t be happier with my solid snuggle buddies. Everyday I look at Cy and think hes grown…120+ lbs and still going! Yet hes willing to pretend to be a cow for my boys when they play cowboys. Lol… Deuca is always alert and that puts my mind at ease. I know shes always watching out while I sleep! By far the BEST dogs and breeder I’ve met yet! Quality, consistency and personable service is what you get at WFP.

Laura Geffre March 7, 2016

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My Sadie is now just a year old and is amazing with other dogs and all three of my kids and my cat….couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for a better dog wink emoticon

Cory & Cassandra Root March 7, 2016

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My Lana is the most beautiful dog in the world! Thanks brotha, you can’t shoot but you can sure make a dog!

Jake Hendrickson March 7, 2016

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I got my awesome dog from a litter Smokey Sired. His intense eyes and massive build get attention all the time, He’s a giant teddy bear and is great with our kids and he’s a great family dog. 

Roberto Detroit, Mi November 25, 2015




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