SMOKEY x HYPNOTIQUE breeding 2020

Pups due March 1st 2020

ICK's Smokey

BP's Hypnotique

Smokey, Smokey, Smokey…this is the last remaining Iron Cross Kennel stud still breeding today.  This dog came directly from the kennel in California with the designated name of AMERICAN ARROGANCE, and rightly so!  This boy is one of a kind and Roman knew that and blessed WFP with an Iron Cross prodigy.

Smokey is the product of a cross between ICK Stalefish x ICK Buttercup, and if you don’t know who those two dogs are then maybe you should wake up and listen.  The LEGENDARY Iron Maiden and Escalade 5150 produced Stalefish and he was one IMPRESSIVE dog to see.  Buttercup came from the one and only, notorious King Lion and anyone who is anyone in the bully world knows that name.  King Lion, Escalade, Iron Maiden and Stalefish MADE THE XL BULLY WORLD!  Without them there would be no dogs with any real size, any real drive, any real WOW FACTOR in the XL or XXL bully kingdom.  Prove me wrong!  I’ll wait.

Smokey is a true gentle giant, who loves nothing more than a hard workout followed by a lot of couch cuddle time! He is everything anyone could want and hope for in an xl pitbully! His productions speak for themselves, and every breeding with him has been a phenomenal success! When you buy a Smokey pup there are 10 years of productions to show you just what this BAD ASS dog can produce.  Some of the biggest correct xxl bully pitbulls around started right here, and this boy has blessed us with entire litters of large and in charge super stars!

Hypnotique (aka Chichi) is certain to not disappoint.  She has some of the heaviest dogs in her pedigree, so size will certainly be what this girl brings to the table.  Names like XLBU Dexter, The Unstoppable Juggernaut, UKC’s Most Wanted Kimbo, Bully Boy’s Low-Low, Big Zena, Triple Cross Sinister, Ecker’s Sadie, Aronald the Terminator, and so much more… this girl will make your jaw drop with how amazing her pedigree is!   This girl is going to produce some of the cleanest, prettiest, biggest xl bully pitbulls the world has ever seen!  Don’t miss your chance, because these pups are set to sell out before they are even born!  Don’t wait to own a part of HISTORY, because I guarantee you that your neighbor, your bff, and your boss have already called and reserved their pick.

SMOKEY x HYPNOTIQUE breeding 2020 January 25, 2020
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