Our Dogs

We breed family dogs. And we use some of the best most well know bloodlines that are proven xxl bully pitbull producers. We dont like to over feed our dogs and make them fat just so we can say that our dog is 150lbs like so many breeders do. First of all that is very unhealthy for your bully pitbull, plus a pitbull should be lean and athletic. Xl pitbulls do have size, however they are working dogs and are athletes by default. We feel that an athlete should not be way over weight! Take a look at our xl bully pitbulls. We hope you enjoy our website!

Xl bully pitbull males


Our male xl pitbulls are lean and athletic. We use the best bloodlines that have proven to make bully pitbulls. Take a look at our xl bully pitbull males! Click here to go to our males pitbull page

xl bully pitbull females

Money my baby

We stive to breed family dogs for families. Our pitbull females are as athleic as can be. They have size and structure that a perfect xl bully pitbull should have. Click here to go to our xl bully pitbull females page.

Our Dogs September 26, 2015