Misty xl pitbull

True xl pitbull

Born: February 16th 2012

Head Size: 23 inches

Height: 22 inches

Weight: 90+ lbs

Reg: Ukc Color: Blue

Lines: ICK, Watchdog, Ruffian, Greyline

Sire: ICK Smokey (Worlds Finest Pitbulls)

Dam: Money (Worlds Finest Pitbulls)

misty 2017 aaaaaa

Updated November 7 2017

This is Misty a true xl pitbull. She is out of Smokey X Money. Misty is also a great producer. She produces huge xl pitbulls! Keep your eyes on this bad bitch!!!Misty has the best temperament of any dog I’ve ever had the privilege of owning! She has the body of a lioness…so ripped so clean so correct, not a gram of fat on this pitbull. She certainly has some growing left to do so I can only imagine what she will look like in a year. I bet this girl can put some of those xl bully pitbull males to shame! She is GREAT with children and a lover of other animales. This pitbull is for sure show quality material. Her pitbull puppies have the temperament that everyone is looking for and every family dog searcher wants! To top it off her xxl pitbull puppies have the size and structure that every xxl bully pitbull breeder out there is breeding for. Great foundation blood right here at World’s Finest Pitbull’s! Her pedigree is filled with some of the most famous and biggest xl pitbulls in the world! Pitbull names like: ‘PR’ Iron Cross Smokey, Money, Iron Cross Stalefish, Iron Cross Buttercup, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Escalade 5150, Iron Cross Giant Iron Maiden, Guerra’s King Bishop 007, ‘PR’ Guerra’s Bluejean Miss 60, Iron Cross Iron Giant Disciple, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Goddess Athena, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Tyson, Steelhead’s Giant Q- Ball, Royal Blood Line King Lion, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Bishop 5150 and many more! Anybody that is in the xl pitbull world will know each and everyone of these bad ass pitbulls that I mentioned! They will acknowledge that any combination with this ped is gonna make huge, correct and awesome tempered xl pitbulls! So if you are looking for a giant and exceptional family dog or a foundation dog to add to your program then look no further. If you want a dog that will make people break their necks trying to catch a glimpse…then this is the breeding for you!!!!!


Misty xl pitbull October 1, 2015


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