Knowledge a

Everything about this dog is going to make you drool!  He has one of the best temperaments, which you know is the primary goal of every WFP breeding.  He has the size, which is what everyone is searching for now! He has the look of a baby dinosaur…and you know you want to be seen strutting down your neighborhood street with this BEAST!  Who has the best grill…car…house is no longer a status symbol…now who has the BIGGEST BADDEST DOG!  And think you can show up to the block party with your MONSTER BULLY in tow and never have an issue, because personality is what it’s all about!  Family dogs, emotional support dogs, not gammy at all.

Knowledge has some of the best bloodlines around.  When you look at all these big kennels and see the size they are producing…you see one common name…Ellis!  Knowledge is no different.  His sire is the one and only Ellis’ Kekoa of Chevy out of Ellis Demon-Killa, and Ellis Lani.  Knowledge’s dam is out of Iron Cross’ Stalefish and Anthrax 5150.  With names like Iron Tyson, Diehard’s Iron Tank, Giant Q-ball, Straight Outta Compton, Big Heavy Chevy, Escalade 5150, Iron Maiden, Chevy Red Dog, and much much more in his pedigree, this monster is gonna make some really nice pups.

Knowledge stands at about 24 inches tall and weighs well over 150 lbs.  His massive head is 26 inches wide and he acts like a giant teddy bear.  This dog is one of the most if not THE MOST laid back, mellow and friendly bullies you will ever meet.

Bobylon Pitts Kennel