HEMI x VEDA Bully Pitbull puppies

Hemi x Veda
Bully Pitbull puppies


Hemi aaa pitbull puppies for sale


Veda jan 2017aaaaaa

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Bully Pitbull puppies born May 3, 2017

1 MALE and 1 FEMALE available

This litter will produced some of the most awesome correct pocket or standard size Male Pitbully Puppies we’ve ever seen. If you love to see muscles, drive, correctness, and attitude then these bullies will be great for you!


This litter will produced some of the most awesome correct pocket and standard size Female Pitbully Puppies we’ve ever seen. Nice and compact muscle toned pitbulls. Compact size, Show stopping potential, MONSTER drive, LOVING bully pitbulls!


Male pitbull puppies

Titan on the Rope!!!

King of the Titans
This boy has a lot of skin to fill out in. His ‘clothes’ are way to big for his body right now but soon that skin will look as tight as the skinny jeans on Lil wayne!!! This lovable boy is going to be a king of the standard pit-bully world!. Big headed, huge muscles, attitude with a personality bigger than an xxl giant pitbull! He is a standard sized pitbull with the pedigree of champions and filled with champions and grand champions. Look at his dad….look at his mom….WTF you think this dude is going to look like when he is full grown? I will tell you….he will look like a tank…like a f1 bomber plane…like a Hummer one…he will look like the smallest biggest volcano that exploded and burned down all the standard type pitbull kennels! THATS WHAT HE WILL LOOK LIKE!!!
Titan’s price is now $2500

Female pitbull puppies

What do you get when you take the Sazzel out of Sazzelicious? You get a non sazzelistic dog. What does that mean you might ask…well ill explain… Look at the pictures of this girl! That is Sazzelicious!!! Otherwise it’s just…icious. That makes no sence! Do you see those ears? Well we prefer to call them satellites! So for all you Ancient Alien people out there (I am one of you lol)….as soon as Sazzelicious warms up to you, she will let you communicate with Orion’s Belt!!!! I would love to talk to the Anunnaki. Only a fool would want to miss out on that! If you ask me she get’s her muscle tone from a different galaxy because her muscles are out of this world! Her muscles are so poppin that I would stack her with any pocket male….and i mean ANY male!!! All joking aside this girl is a mini TANK. More muscle tone than her mom and dad combined. With a pedigree full of proven chamions! Also she is very talkative. She will have a whole conversations with you. This girl is a Bugatti of the pocket pitbulls, so dont contact me if you only have Prius money.
Sassy’s price is now $2500

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HEMI x VEDA Bully Pitbull puppies February 21, 2016


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