CUTLASS X INFINITY breeding 2019

Pups due end of October 2019

BP's Cutlass

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WFP's Infinity


This is where beauty and the beast combine to make for some amazingly beautiful monster sized bulls!!!

Infinity aka Finn is making her debut breeding with a very impressive male…BP’s Cutlass aka Cutty.  Not only does Finn have some of the most well know dog’s in her pedigree, names like The Rock, Topblue’s Tank, Stalefish and Disciple, but when you combine those heavy hitters with names like Dexter, Juggernaut, Sinister and King Liger your bound to get something impressive…100% of the time.  I kid you not these pups are going to be the equivalent of baby dinosaurs…strutting around town with your bull by your side is the rage right now and you don’t want to miss out.  These pups are going to be heavy, with all that heavy dog blood on their dad’s side, but athletic with what Finn’s parents bring to the table.  I have never met an Iron Cross dog to date that wasn’t athletic…big boned, but could move on a dime, and work when asked.  So many kennels have made their start with what these two dogs bring to the table.  That’s what we aim to provide here at WFP.  Those dogs who look the part, compete in the show ring with the best of the best, and work at any sporting event you choose.  If you want to start your kennel or just add to it with some of the most impressive blood in the game, the size that every bully owner wants, and the ability of a true working dog than this is the litter for you.  You want some name recognition than look no further.  You want to show up to ABKC nationals and stack with some of the best than one of these pups is what you want to be taking with you!!!!

CUTLASS X INFINITY breeding 2019 September 1, 2019