Bourbon x Veda Breeding


Purpleline’s King Bourbon

Bourbon comes from the legendary kennel Purpleline…where almost all pocket and standard size tri’s originate.  His pedigree is purple tri, purple tri, purple tri…and so on, so you can only guess what kind of babies this little bad boy throws.  His daddy is Purple Cushion, out of BillBully Dough Boy, and his mama comes of Dough boy, Mr. Assasin, and ABKC Grand Champion Boston Geroge!


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King Phoenix Kennel’s Veda

Here come the midgets!!! Pocket pitbulls have arrived here at World’s Finest Pitbull’s with some of the most AWESOME dog’s in the ABKC bully world rocking the pedigree. Veda’s dam is Blush (GRCH Txmayhem Kingpin Txg Razenkane aka crybaby (out of G2) x CH Razenkane/IEP’s White Russian With big names like CH. Gottylines 21 Blackjack and Mikeland’s Cracker Jack rocking her AMAZINGLY big pedigree. Veda’s sire is 2015 ABKC CH. Grey Ghost who is 2x GRCH Gottylines Dax & 1x CH. Goodlife Citypits Warlord & 1x Gottylines Ichiban. Pups off this girl will be sure to clean house in the show ring. No conformational defects in this baby girl. She is straight fire, with an extremely lovable personality. Built like a bully with the face of a pitbull. She has shoulders and muscles galore all packed into a miniature frame. She will top out at 15 inches tall and produce pocket bully pitbull pups for all those wanting the purse size pit.

Veda jan 2017aaaaaaa
Veda jan 2017aaaa
Veda jan 2017aaaaaaaa

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KPK’s Veda

Bourbon x Veda Breeding June 4, 2018