Apocolypse x Misty breeding 2018

July 2018

Apocolypse x Misty

apocolypse x misty


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The One and Only TopBlue Apocalypse !!! This Stud Is The Real Deal At Only 20 Months old 120+lbs lean and Ripped up with a 25-26in head 22-23in tall And Growing !!! He is About to Hit this XXL World Hard .. He Is Off The One And Only  BGK Tank who is BGK Cujo Best Looking Son’s at 160+lbs with a 28in head .. And Producing amazing dogs .. And Let’s Not Forget His Dam DDK Nova She is litter mates with the World Famous Hulk of Dark Dynasty Kennels .. Yes So we Took the Best of BGK and DDK and Put together this amazing Boy !!! So get In were u can This boy about to throw Fire !!! So now with Misty we are adding ICK in the mix!!!!


This is Misty a true xl pitbully. She is out of Smokey X Money, and produces huge xl pitbullys! Keep your eyes on this bad bitch!!!Misty has the best temperament of any dog I’ve ever had the privilege of owning! She has the body of a lioness…so ripped so clean so correct, not a gram of fat on this pitbully. This girl can put many of those xl bully pitbull males to shame! She is GREAT with children and a lover of other animals. This pitbully is for sure show quality material. Her bully pitbull puppies have the temperament that everyone is looking for and every family dog searcher wants! To top it off her xxl pitbull puppies have the size and structure that every xxl bully pitbull breeder out there is breeding for.

Great foundation blood right here at World’s Finest Pitbull’s! Her pedigree is filled with some of the most famous and biggest xl bully pitbulls in the world! Names like: ‘PR’ Iron Cross Smokey, Glbz Money, Iron Cross Stalefish, Iron Cross Buttercup, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Escalade 5150, Iron Cross Giant Iron Maiden, Guerra’s King Bishop 007, ‘PR’ Guerra’s Bluejean Miss 60, Iron Cross Iron Giant Disciple, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Goddess Athena, ‘PR’ Iron Cross Iron Tyson, Steelhead’s Giant Q- Ball, Royal Blood Line King Lion, ‘PR’ Dela Cruz’s Bishop 5150 and many more! Anybody that is in the xl bully pitbull world will know each and everyone of these BAD ASS names! They will acknowledge that any combination with this pedigree is gonna make huge, correct and awesome tempered xl pitbulls! So if you are looking for a giant and exceptional family dog or a foundation dog to add to your program then look no further. If you want a dog that will make people break their necks trying to catch a glimpse…then this is the breeding for you!!!!!  If you are looking to show, compete and WIN, then look no further!


Apocolypse x Misty

Prices and Picks


1st Pick- Reserved $7000 buyout

2nd Pick- $4500 Available

3rd Pick- $3500 Available

4th Pick- Sold


1st Pick – Reserved $7000 Buyout

2nd Pick – $4500 Available

3rd Pick- $3500 Available

4th Pick – Sold

Deposits are $500, gives us a call for information on discounts available to top 3 picks for early deposits and pick up in person deals, or any other questions #231-620-0555 Chris

Apocolypse x Misty breeding 2018 November 7, 2017